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The De Wit Story

De Wit is a company founded on pride and tradition. Skills carried over for generations, deeply embedded in the genes of the family. It all started from a small village blacksmith. Founder Willem de Wit opened a smithy on 1 April 1898, a stone’s throw from the current factory. It was a small village smithy in the village of Kornhorn, in the province of Groningen.
As the village blacksmith, he shod horses and repaired kettles including farming implements. His sons, Derk and Martinus, the second generation, took the business further. They distributed spades and hoes to customers across the country, forged only from the best steel, thus the basis for quality. The third generation Willem and Klaas de Wit also began producing tools for road construction in the sixties.
The current board of directors, formed by Sietse, Derk and Derk-Klaas, had laid down the designs for the expansion and internationalisation of the family business since the nineties.The fifth De Wit generation is already standing by to carry on the family tradition; a tradition continued with pride in trade and craftsmanship – all in the footsteps of Willem de Wit.
Trade and craftsmanship– The mandate for success
The smith, fire and steel, a trinity. Each employee has this awareness! It is this age-old craft that is responsible for the indestructible durability of De Wit’s products. Stoking the fire; forming the product’s shape with powerful strokes of the hammer, the creation, almost a work of art, is forged from hardened steel. The core of the business is based on the irreplaceable quality of De Wit tools.
This is what is recognized the world over by professionals and enthusiasts for the very best tools.


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Stylish and practical steel dibber from DeWit
practical and hardworking hoe from DeWit
Not a toy - a serious budding gardener garden tool from...
not a toy - a serious garden trowel for smaller hands
Hand forged in Holland - Bottle Opener Planting trowel
hand forged in Holland!
hand forged in Holland!
hand forged in Holland!
hand forged in Holland!
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